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Dear aviation proffesionals, amateurs and fans, dear pilots,

Let us introduce dissemination activities about the use of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) in civil aviation. Aviation experts have prepared extended education materials for you-pilots, covering the topic of GNSS. These interesting materials were developed thanks to the project called “CaBilAvi” ( - project endorsed under the 8th framework program for research and innovation by the European Commission (HORIZON2020) under the number 641627.

The first group of materials are text books for VFR and IFR pilots. Free version of the text books are available for your download on the CaBilAvi projects’ website (, or directly through following links:

Another group of materials is this e-Learning portal, covering an identical content of the text books but structured into a form of e-Learning with an included Knowledge Test section, where each student can test their newly acquired knowledge.

A third group is a GNSS education video series, which is a 20-episode education series, attractively presenting the possibilities of use of GNSS in aviation for VFR and IFR general aviation pilots as well as the limits relevant to the use of such technological systems in aviation. The video series is published through a YouTube channel in English and Czech language.

You can find the Czech education videos on the YouTube channel “GNSS Centrum CZ” here:

or on a GCE Facebook page:

For a foreign-language community, streaming videos in English are available on the YouTube channel “GNSS CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE” here:

or the English Facebook profile:

Currently, 20 episodes have already been issued on the YouTube channel, where 10 episodes are dedicated strictly to VFR pilots and the following 10 episodes are dedicated to IFR pilots. You can find the list of released episodes with a short description in a list below.

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Technical note on e-learning application

The content of this e-Learning application may be shared openly and may be incorporated into your favourite e-Learning application. The content can be easily exported into the XML file by pressing the „Export“ button at the bottom left side of each particular course (i.e. IFR Course and VFR Course). Knowledge Test can be exported as well by pressing „Export“ button. The semantics of XML tags is explained in the following page here.