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The Flight School of our University was establihed in 1974 as the only civil pilot training school in former Czechoslovakia. In 2002, according to JAR-FCL requirements, the Air Training and Education Centre was established as an independent body of the University.

The University of Žilina was established as the Railway College on 1st September 1953 by the separation from the Czech Technical University in Prague. It has gone through numerous changes during its history. Finally, in 1996, it was renamed from the University of Transport and Communications to the University of Žilina in Žilina.

Scientific teams closely cooperate with partners from various industrial branches in the applied research. 6 centres of excellence are supported via the Operational Programme “Research and Development“ within the framework of structural funds. The University is also involved in 4 projects solved by centres of competence within this Operational Programme. There have been created 3 centres of the applied research. Achievements are presented mainly through publication activities, submitted applications for patents, presentations at international scientific symposiums and conferences, but also at trade fairs and exhibitions. Cooperation with foreign universities enables students and teachers to participate actively in international educational and research projects (LLP/ERASMUS, Grundvig, Comenius, TEMPUS, COST, CEEPUS, the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes, etc.).

The University belongs to the most active universities in the Lifelong Learning Programme – LLP. Within its ERASMUS Programme, the University – as the only one in Slovakia - has been listed among 40 most successful universities of the EU in the field of teacher mobility for a ten year period. As for the number of outgoing ERASMUS students and the number of teaching staff mobilities, the University has one of the prominent positions among Slovak universities participating in the Programme.

The Air Training and Education Centre is based at the international Airport Zilina – Dolný Hričov, in the north – western part of Slovakia. Airport Zilina is equipped with ILS CAT I. System used both for charters and training flights. Air navigation services are provided by Slovak Air Traffic Services during published operating hours or on request. University owns the buildings where are located all facilities for theoretical and practical flight training, the maintenance and repair facilities, hangars and research laboratories. At the present time we also provide pilots training within the university bachelor study as well as for those interested in pilot training only.

The Air Training and Education Centre provides flight training up to ATP licence. The University of Zilina is a holder of the Certification on Flight Training Organisation approval (ATO SK/01) in accordance JAA/EASA standards and aircraft maintenance centre approval (SK.MF.006, SK.MG.025). During the school existence more than 80 000 hours on A/C, 6000 hours on FNPT II MCC has been flown and 353 CPL(A), 156 CPL/ IR, 46 “frozen” ATPL has been trained. Nowadays the university provides also training courses “ab initio”, MCC courses, courses IR/MEP(L) and retraining in civil ICAO standards for Slovak Air Force.


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