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TECHNISERV, Ltd. is a purely Czech company operating since 1991. In addition to its Prague head office, the Group currently has branches in Plzeň and Olomouc. The company´s success has allowed the company to expand beyond the borders of our country, establishing independent companies in Slovakia, Russia and Poland.

At the beginning the company was specialized in design activities but soon extended the scope of services to complex supplies and installation of advanced technologies and systems. The wide range of services and products is illustrated by references below.

TECHNISERV Sphere of Business:

  • Capital construction.
  • Aeronautical security systems.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Monitoring and measuring.
  • Communication and information systems.
  • Document management and data storage.
  • Dispatch and control systems.
  • Security systems.
  • Electrical and electronic systems.
  • Electromagnetic shielding.
  • Mechanical and technological systems.

TECHNISERV is certified by Lloyd´s Registration Quality Assurance with the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard for quality management system. The most important certificates and authorisation include: authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority to design aviation-related facilities and installations; authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority to build, maintain and repair aviation-related facilities and installations;  authorisation to design aviation-related facilities and installations for the military; authorisation to build, maintain and repair aviation-related facilities and installations for the military; registration with International Civil Aviation Organisation for consultations, designing and supply activities; authorisation of the National Security Authority for secret activities and handle confidential information.


TECHNISERV is associated member of GNSS Centre of Excelence


TECHNISERV has been also involved in a number of software projects. Software applications PSEUD and ARIO (Program for the protection of movable cultural heritage) were developed for The Police of the Czech Republic. The internet and intranet portals were also developed for these applications. The software application APV was developed for Automated system for frequency spectrum monitoring for CTO (Czech Telecommunication Office).

TECHNISERV has also long experience with projects for airports and for air traffic control. The Prague airport exploits on experimental basis system TE-VOGS designated for improving of situational awareness of airport vehicles. The part of the system is internet portal for access to traffic information. The system TE-VOGS was developed by TECHNISERV and this system was awarded by Regional 3rd place in European satellite navigation competition 2012.


Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic

Project design and implementation of ATM infrastructure for the National Integrated Air Traffic Control Centre (IATCC). Complete project documentation for Air Traffic Management, delivery and implementation of this infrastructure for radiocommunication, transmission, monitoring, information, control and power engineering systems and for air traffic controllers' tables, coordination of cable lines etc. The supply includes surveillance infrastructure. Measurements and testing


Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic

Reinstallation and reconstruction of the radiolocation point in Písek. General contract including project documentation and complete reconstruction, and preparation of the facility for the installation of a new radar and technologies, Radom installation, reconstruction and modernization of the exterior and interior. Measurements and tests.


Czech Telecommunication Office

Automated system for frequency spectrum monitoring for CTO. An extensive project including building of stationary and mobile monitoring stations throughout the Czech Republic. Include: Preparation of studies, Project documentation, Construction, Installation of technologies, Development of aerial monitoring system, Specialized measurements, System testing.

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