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The company was founded in January 2012 by several MSc and PhD graduates, who earlier have had participated in several pan-European space projects (e.g. SSETI/ESA ESEO satellite and SGAC advisory body to the U.N.). Before 2012, it was an entity in an academic incubator at the University of Gdańsk.

When it comes to an example of a consulting/analysis “success story” for the space sector, then Kosmonauta.net sp. z o.o. is one of few coming from Central Europe. It is worth mentioning that past experiences of Kosmonauta.net clearly indicate how little is known about the Galileo system in Poland and probably across Central Europe.


As of April 2014, Kosmonauta.net Ltd activities focus on:

  • information services (incl. Accessible to all, 30% of total activities),
  • dedicated consulting activities related to the space sector (mostly for Polish commercial entities, wishing to join the space sector, 60% of total activities),
  • own R&D projects, incl. 3 GNSS and EO applications and a software&hardware work on “Hevelius” stratospheric platform (10% of total activities).
The company is one of the most recognised Polish space sector entities due to the presence on international events and a good network of contacts in Europe. Kosmonauta.net is also the only Polish entity continuously publishing part of their research on the prestigious conferences, such as the International Astronautical Congress. Topics presented at events focus on economical aspects of Polish space sector, technological advantages and challenges in Poland/Central Europe, suborbital spaceflight and outreach activities.
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Gdynia, Poland
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Hubert Bartkowiak ten.atuanomsok@kaiwoktrab.trebuh
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