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The GCE is a non-for-profit association founded in November 2012. The objective of GCE is to strengthen activities of the Czech Republic in the development, testing and deployment of GNSS applications. 

Founding members of the non profit professional association of GNSS Centre of Excellence are today: Czech Railways, The Railway Infrastructure Administration, Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic and The Road and Motorway Directorate. In addition to founding members, the GCE associates companies ranging from SMEs up to large international companies. Not only for profit companies but non-profit companies and universities are associated as well.

The GCE provides a floor for cooperation among the major spheres of transport (rail, road, air) and industry; to provide ideas of new GNSS systems to industrial partners, centralized ongoing fragmented activities, initiate new activities and to provide expert background. GCE bridges needs of its founding members for R&D of specific GNSS related innovations and equipments with the potential of R&D companies and universities thus cover all GNSS related activities of its founding members.

This objectives are fulfilled by promotion of development of GNSS applications in the Czech Republic thanks to cooperation with the Prague Airport, the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, the Czech Railways and other entities (industry, R&D) in the transport domain and promotion of the image of its members as innovative companies that develop and use modern technologies, to accelerate the development and deployment of applications using EGNOS as well as GALILEO in the future and to support the activities of the GSA agency in Prague.

GNSS Centre of Excellence provides to its industry partners services such as: database of GNSS applications and projects, suggestions for the development of new GNSS applications and its user requirements specification, testing, verification and validation and support in certification, marketing, sales, implementation and training in the GNSS related issues.

The GCE is supported by Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic (MoT) as well as by the European GNSS Agency (GSA). The GCE is involved in various working groups relating to GNSS. Recently, the GCE has been nominated in a position of special member of the coordinating council of the MoT for intelligent transport systems. The GCE is so far the only czech coordinator of a project funded by EC’s R&D program HORIZON2020. The GCE is also active in another projects of H2020 either as a consortium partner or a subcontractor.

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Prague, Czech Republic
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Tomáš Duša, zc.ertnec-ssng@ivalibac
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