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DSA a. s. is in the air-business since 1992. The company's main business activity is providing air rescue service. It has one of the biggest flight school and maintenance centre within the Czech Republic. Its own aircrafts are used for repatriation flights, air-taxi and aerial works.

Air Rescue Service

Providing the transport in medical area especially at the bases of Air Rescue Service is the main activity of DSA since 1993. Air rescue service operations have become an integrated part of the rescue service guaranteed by the government and play an important role in the Integrated Rescue System in the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic, the air rescue service is divided into ten HEMS bases: Praha, Plzeň, České Budějovice, Jihlava, Brno, Olomouc,Ostrava, Hradec Králové, Liberec and Ústí nad Labem. The operating radius of each base is about 70 km and all together it covers the whole area of the country. HEMS bases are connected with the network of specialized medical emergency centres.

DSA has its base on four of them. Our pilots have flown as many as 1700 flight hours a year in rescue missions which means about 4300 life-savings lives a year. The company owns high-quality technical equipment designated for air rescue missions, Eurocopter EC135. 



The transport of VIP clients by peak aircraft is DSA’s offer which customers are using more often. Company DSA is operating Air-taxi not only within the Czech Republic but also around nearly the whole Europe. Their operation interferes up to the North Africa.

For business companies DSA offers luxury CitationJet CJ525 with radius up to 2400 kilometres, which is offering a maximum comfort to its passengers. For shorter destination it is possible to use also Beechcraft C90 for six passengers. Other services are operated by helicopters Eurocopter EC 135 T1, AS 355 and EC 120. To the benefits of used helicopters by Air-taxi belong the possibility to land nearly everywhere on suitable place, the customer is not limited by airports and last but not least is saving the time. DSA is a holder of Licence for Commercial Air Transport Operations issued by Ministry of Transportation of the Czech Republic. 


Flight School

Company DSA is offering in its air school not only to beginning pilots the whole spectrum of flight trainings which are provided by experienced pilots in modern facilities of reconstructed training centre at the Airport Hradec Králové. The training is provided not only to clients from the Czech Republic but also from abroad. In case of a foreigner student the language used for communication is English and for the clients is also provided an accommodation.

The training from the private pilot up to Air Transport Pilot in category IFR is carried by professional pilots – instructors and by our own examiners with generous experiences on airplanes and helicopters.

The Air School is a holder of Approval Training Organisation Certificate CZ/ATO-006 issued by Czech Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and is certified according to international norm ISO 9001:2000. A big advantage of the school is also that all the aircraft which are being used are in its holding and can be flown any time.


Aerial works – movie shooting

By more than twenty years of experiences with flight operation, reliability and pilots’ rich knowledge of the languages the base of ongoing and quality cooperation with movie studios is created. Company services were used for making numberless advertising spots, movie shooting or making video-clips for example movie spots for Eurotel, scenes to famous Indiana Jones, James Bond – Casino Royale, war drama Hart’s War, XXX and Mission Impossible, fantasy movie The Chronicles of Narnia or spine chilling movie Blade. They were participating in movie Last Holiday, President’s Daughter or Red Tails and much more movie titles.

Movie shooting or terrain scanning can be done either from helicopter or from airplane. On each DSA’s helicopter can be mounted professional photo, scanner and video-graphical technique. It can for example be SpaceCam, which was used by DSA as the very first in Czech Republic in 1998 while making a spot for Eurotel. The company is carrying a control of underground electrical network or activities which are related to building motorways and highways.


Repatriation flights

Fast, safe and effective transport of sick or injured people is the priority of DSA. Pilots flying in cooperation with medical professionals of company OK-Ambulance and are ensuring repatriation services. The home airport enables by its technical parameters of taking off and landing runway the operation of big airplanes. The airport is operated all year round, 24 hours a day.

The dispatching of OK-Ambulance and DSA’s aircrafts are strategically located in the middle of the republic at the Airport Hradec Králové. The advantage is the ability of prompt reaction to clients request and immediate realization of any medial flight. Thanks to the cooperation of those two companies are injured people fast and effectively transported in the air and subsequently on the ground together with their medical company from the place of their hospitalization to hospital or another place according to client’s request. It is also possible to transport blood derivates and organs which are prepared for transplantation.

Company DSA is providing transport of patients and injured persons who are not in acute life-threatening state. It disposes with appropriate special medical equipment and it is also accompanied by medical personnel. The radius of this service is around the whole Europe up to the North Africa.


Certified maintenance centre

In its own maintenance centre carries out the maintenance not only for own fleet, but also for other air operators in the Czech Republic and EU. Qualified technicians who had passed lots of courses and also were verified directly by the aircraft manufacturers are able to work at the same time on up to eight aircrafts in the modern equipped facilities of DSA maintenance centre. It also disposes by store for spare parts and accessories. Clients can take a use of an offer of complete airplane’s renovation, including renewal of interior and paint.

DSA’s maintenance centre is a holder of Approval Certificate for Aircraft maintenance issued by Czech Civil Aviation Authority since 1994. Since August 1998 the maintenance centre is a holder of Approval Certificate for Aircraft maintenance according to JAR 145 and now EASA PART 145.

The whole company is managed in compliance with standardisation procedure ISO 9001:2000 which was acquired in November 2002. The compliance with given internal and lawful procedures is periodically audited internally and also by auditors from Czech Civil Aviation Authority.

The new maintenance facilities in Praha Kbely were opened in 2010.
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