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The Czech Aviation Training Centre (CATC) is an experienced provider of comprehensive training courses and consultancy to the airline industry. Our extensive training portfolio covers pilot, cabin crew, maintenance & ground staff, language and IATA training courses.

The Czech Aviation Training Centre (CATC) has more than 80 years of experience in training service provision.  Its history dates back to the establishment of Czech Airlines and over the years, the training portfolio has been growing. In 2000, the modern history of the Training Centre has begun with acquiring the very first full flight simulator (B737-400/500).

CATC is situated at the Vaclav Havel Airport South in Prague and it offers specialized air crew trainings, maintenance trainings, IATA courses, dangerous goods trainings and aviation English courses,  not only for the personnel of „home based airlines“ (Czech Airlines, Travel Service), but also for all those involved in civil aviation & airline transport worldwid . More than 1000 type ratings were delivered to more than 25 airlines in total since the beginning of its service. The CATC has become one of the most outstanding training centres in the aviation industry, providing training services to more than 10 000 people every year. All types of training are carried out in accordance with the PART-FCL and all regulatory requirements, according to syllabuses approved by the Czech CAA.


The CATC is certified Approved Trainning Organization (ATO) by Czech CAA, providing the training basically  (but not only) for Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and ATR 42/72 operators. As a next step towards the customers needs, the Training Centre  (in co-operation with its partners) has started provision of “ab-initio training” services/ programs for students with zero flying experience (ATPL Frozen, MPL).


The Training Centre is also certified in accordance with EASA Part-147 as Maintenance Training and Examination Centre. CATC offers a wide range of training for aviation technicians and engineers as are:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Type Training (A320 Family, B737- CL/NG, ATR 42/72)
  • Differences courses
  • Engine Run Up training (CFM 56, IAE V2500, PWC PW 120)
  • Specialized training such as Fuel tank safety, Boroscope training, Human factors and many others
  • A320 2D trainer -  a specialized classroom designed according to Airbus Industrie standards usable for the technical training of maintenance staff.

The Centre also provides specific-purpose language training, including:

  • aviation English for air crews
  • technical English for maintenance personnel
  • English for ground operations personnel

CATC can tailor the English language training according to the customer needs. CATC is certified to carry out ICAO pilot language proficiency checking.

CATC is authorized by IATA for provision of IATA Dangerous Goods, Cargo and Foundation courses. Additionally to that CATC offers also Dangerous Goods, Live Animals and Air Cargo courses based on the approval by the  Czech And Slovak CAAs.

For the air crew training, the CATC is well equipped with relevant up-to date training devices. Airbus A320, Boeing 737 CL and NG Full Flight Simulators are fully capable to provide either the Type Rating or Recurrent trainings for flight crews. Besides that, there are Cockpit Procedure Trainers for Boeing 737, ATR 42/72 and for Airbus A 320. For A320 trainings the Training Centre utilise a MFTD 3D simulator, that significantly reduces the type rating costs.


A Boeing 737 and A320 CEET (Cabin Emergency and Evacuation Trainer in operation since 2008) are frequently used for complex cabin crew training, covering:

  • in-flight services
  • firefighting
  • cabin rapid decompression
  • emergency evacuation and common cockpit and cabin crew coordination during nonstandard and emergency situations.

A specialised CBT classroom is used for self-paced individual training of air crew members, as well as ground technical staff. All classrooms are equipped with modern audio-visual didactic aids such as overheads, video players, PCs and data projectors.

All CATC trainings are performed under supervision of qualified & experienced instructors, using either the general (EASA) regulatory standards or obligatory standards of particular customer. Training can be conducted in English or Czech and in some instances in the Russian language as well.

You can download CATC presentation in PDF format here (3MB).

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