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The Aero Club Barcelona Sabadell is a private non - profit organization established in 1953 by the merger of Aeroclub of Barcelona and Aeroclub of Sabadell, whose registered office is on the grounds of the Sabadell Airport.

Its main purpose is the creation, development and operation of a School of Aviation Pilots plus the promotion and practice of sport aviation. Based in Sabadell Airport, their aircraft developed therefore flight instruction, maintenance of licenses, sports exhibition and promotion of aviation hobby; besides being leased for private non-commercial flights from its partners, according to their Manual of Operations. It joints around a thousand people in the top rank of the spanish General Aviation network.

Their School (branded as "Barcelona Flight School" ) is recognized by the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) since 10 November 1953 and it is a center that is approved by the Security Aviation Spanish Agency (AESA) like E- ATO- 037 to teach theoretical knowledge and flight instruction for obtaining qualifications as Pilot Private (PPL) and Commercial (PPC) Aircraft and Helicopter; to provide modular courses for obtaining Airplane Instrument Rating IR (a) and the multi crew management rating (CRM), and also as a training center for theoretical ATPL (a) integrated and ATPL (a) modular.

Since 13-08-2010 is authorized by the AESA to deliver training of Cabin Crew Passenger, both in terms of the theoretical teaching and practical.

Finally, offers aircraft maintenance workshop recognized by EASA (Part -M Subpart F no. ES- MF- 003) and CAMO number ES- MG- 118.

It was a partner in the HEDGE project in FP7 GNSS. Their expertise in EGNOS procedures comes from the frequent use of modern equipment in their fleet.

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Sabadell (Barcelona), Spain
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Juan Manuel Pérez, se.bulcorea@zerepmj
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