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First and third specific objective of the CaBilAvi project are to implement new knowledge about GNSS into pilot training courses, update the requirements, guidelines and curricula for IFR and VFR pilot training respectively. To accomplish these objectives 14 deliverables have been created by project partners. Some of them are publicly available on the project´s website others are shared within professional stakeholders´ community and the rest are processed within the European Commission and its agencies.




An important pillar of the CaBilAvi project was the engagement with Balkan authorities to organise 'learning by doing' workshops. A final workshop was organised in Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) to present the conclusions and discuss on next steps. 




The free tutorials published on YouTube and Facebook, explaining the correct use of GNSS in both VFR and IFR, have reached over 130.000 views over the spring/summer 2017 season




On June 22, aviation stakeholders were welcomed by EC Commissioner and EC Vice President Maroš Šefčovič through an online speech to a CaBilAvi breakfast meeting aiming at highlighting the benefits of EGNOS.





„IFR operations at uncontrolled aerodromes - time for a change” is a name of an article, published in cooperation with Czech aviation magazine Flying Revue. The article is published in the Documentation & Useful links section of the website.




On June 8th at 10:00 am, at the II floor, at the Viewing Terrace of the International Katowice Airport located in Pyrzowice, the Airport Breakfast meeting will be held. The meeting will focus on dissemination and awareness increase of on aviation activities utilising satellite navigation.




On May 30-31, Eurocontrol hosted the the 12th RNAV Approach Implementation Support Group meeting. Representatives from 25 European ANPSs and CAAs, the European Regional Airlines Association as well as several airports and airlines learned all about the CaBilAvi achievements so far. 




A joint activities of CaBilAvi´s consortium and European GNSS Agency was presented on the official website of the GSA, under the headline “AERO 2017 shows EGNOS benefits”. The article is focusing on presenting the activities introduced under the CaBilAvi project that was introduced during the international Aero Friedrichshafen fair in Germany this April.




On April 21, a winter training was organised as part of the ATPL(A) curriculum. The students of the ATO E-037 participated enthousiastically, a strong focus was put on IFR use of EGNOS. 

The next day, April 22, an open training was organised in Spanish. Most participants were PPL(A) and PPL(H) pilots, often without IR rating, and so the focus of this session was on VFR navigation and portable devices. 




A short presentation about a project CaBilAvi, provided by Mr. Dobeš, during the fair Aero Friedrichshafen 2017 which took place at the beginning of April, was included in a video spot by AirZone TV (in Czech language)




On Day 4 of the AERO2017 Friedrichshafen event, the CaBilAvi project took the foyer Ost theatre to organise a round table discussion on the use of GNSS for GA. Representatives of the pilots, the ATO's, aerodromes, helicopters as well as aircraft operators joined the EGNOS service provides ESSP to discuss how GA can increase safety and accessibility to aerodromes by using GNSS.







On the 3rd day of the AERO Friedrichshafen (April 7), the coffee-rence covered GNSS benefits and status for GA, as well as an very interesting intervention by the Zilina University. They shared their observation with regards to the impact of using GNSS during VFR flights with young, inexperienced pilots as well as older, experienced pilots.



Day 2 (6th of April 2017) CaBilAvi (Capacity building in Aviation) project has been presented at the Aero Friedrichshafen. After the morning “coffee-rence” that started at 10 o´clock in the morning we spoke to journalist about the main objectives of the project.

Once our main objective is to present to open public (mainly recruiting from aviation community) information about benefits of EGNOS for aviation, we gave interview to journalist from AirZone.TV.




CaBilAvi (Capacity building in Aviation) project has been presented at the Aero Friedrichshafen by GNSS Centre of Excellence (coordinator of the project).

After the morning official opening of this European General Aviation event, CaBilAvi project prepared together with GSA agency, ESSP and ALSIM a “coffee-rence” that started at 10 o´clock in the morning and took place in Vienna conference room.



Already a 5th periodic meeting of the CaBilAvi project team took place in Prague at the premises of GNSS Centre of Excellence on Friday 31st of March. This meeting’s content was mainly focused on summarizing of current progress in the deliverables of each project partner and establishing a schedule for the upcoming final 6 months’ period of the project.




AERO 17 is Europe's largest GA event and EGNOS' yearly participation as a silver sponsor has been a tradition since the certification of EGNOS. This year, CaBilAvi organises a series of 'coffee-rences' to get all interested visitors brains working early mornings. 




The very first episode of English version of the GNSS education video series was launched on March 14th, 2017. Episodes are published in a weekly interval every Tuesday.




A three-day winter training type education session and conference dedicated to the subject “GNSS and its influence on safety of general aviation” took place between 8th till 10th of February under the auspices of University of Žilina, Slovakian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and Transport Research Institute.



Winter training type session dedicated to the subject “GNSS and its influence on safety of general aviation” is planned for this month also in the Czech Republic and Spain in March.




The beginning of February was significant with the launching of a twenty-episode long YouTube educational series on satellite navigations GNSS.