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First and third specific objective of the CaBilAvi project are to implement new knowledge about GNSS into pilot training courses, update the requirements, guidelines and curricula for IFR and VFR pilot training respectively. To accomplish these objectives 14 deliverables have been created by project partners. Some of them are publicly available on the project´s website others are shared within professional stakeholders´ community and the rest are processed within the European Commission and its agencies.




An important pillar of the CaBilAvi project was the engagement with Balkan authorities to organise 'learning by doing' workshops. A final workshop was organised in Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) to present the conclusions and discuss on next steps. 




The free tutorials published on YouTube and Facebook, explaining the correct use of GNSS in both VFR and IFR, have reached over 130.000 views over the spring/summer 2017 season




On June 22, aviation stakeholders were welcomed by EC Commissioner and EC Vice President Maroš Šefčovič through an online speech to a CaBilAvi breakfast meeting aiming at highlighting the benefits of EGNOS.





„IFR operations at uncontrolled aerodromes - time for a change” is a name of an article, published in cooperation with Czech aviation magazine Flying Revue. The article is published in the Documentation & Useful links section of the website.