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On June 22, aviation stakeholders were welcomed by EC Commissioner and EC Vice President Maroš Šefčovič through an online speech to a CaBilAvi breakfast meeting aiming at highlighting the benefits of EGNOS.





„IFR operations at uncontrolled aerodromes - time for a change” is a name of an article, published in cooperation with Czech aviation magazine Flying Revue. The article is published in the Documentation & Useful links section of the website.




On June 8th at 10:00 am, at the II floor, at the Viewing Terrace of the International Katowice Airport located in Pyrzowice, the Airport Breakfast meeting will be held. The meeting will focus on dissemination and awareness increase of on aviation activities utilising satellite navigation.




On May 30-31, Eurocontrol hosted the the 12th RNAV Approach Implementation Support Group meeting. Representatives from 25 European ANPSs and CAAs, the European Regional Airlines Association as well as several airports and airlines learned all about the CaBilAvi achievements so far. 




A joint activities of CaBilAvi´s consortium and European GNSS Agency was presented on the official website of the GSA, under the headline “AERO 2017 shows EGNOS benefits”. The article is focusing on presenting the activities introduced under the CaBilAvi project that was introduced during the international Aero Friedrichshafen fair in Germany this April.