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PildoLabs is a Spanish engineering company specialized in delivering top of the edge technology and services within the aeronautics and aerospace sectors, founded in 2001

PildoLabs supports Aviation Stakeholders in the research and development of more sustainable Air Traffic Management (ATM) concepts and operations.

PildoLabs services oversee the overall life cycle, from system design and technology deployment, to final operational service implementation and maintenance. Services are provided on a flexible and agile manner based on company moderate size, by keeping independence from any system manufacturer.

The company is known to lead the introduction of Satellite Navigation Services (GNSS) and implementation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) within the European aviation sector, by means of innovative and cost-effective solutions, and participation since the very beginning in most strategic initiatives related.

Company services are structured on three main areas:

  • ATM delivering engineering services for a sustainable Air Space re-organization and management;
  • Software providing critical software services and managing the development of internal company solutions and procedures as well as supporting external organizations with its development needs;
  • R&D driving the innovation of company services based on state of the art technologies.

High interaction between those three areas, and fields of expertise, is the cornerstone of company strategy and main added value provided to customers.

Customer portfolio includes most European public and private Air Navigation Service Providers, Airlines, together with other fixed-wing and rotorcraft operators.