Airport Breakfast in Katowice

This subpage is dedicated to the Airport Breakfast meeting, which was held in the International Katowice Airport located in Pyrzowice, south Poland. The meeting focused on dissemination and awareness increase of aviation activities utilising satellite navigation.

Date: June the 8th from 10:00

Place: the II floor, at the Viewing Terrace of the International Katowice Airport located in Pyrzowice


1.            Registration

2.            Welcome video - EU Commissioner E. Bienkowska

3.            Introduction to GSA activities

4.            Introduction to Katowice Airport

5.           Implementation of LPV procedure

6.            Coffee break

7.            Financial tools and activities supporting LPV publication

8.            LPV usage experience

9.            Lunch, event final, networking



The CaBilAvi Consortium, GTL S.A and European GNSS Agency would like to thank all participants to the Airport Breakfast. We believe that this meeting opportunity provided some insight in a very promising topic of GNSS usage in the aviation.


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