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CaBilAvi - Capacity Building for Aviation stakeholders - is an EU funded R&D project under the Horizon2020 framework to enhance the capacity of aviation stakeholders within the entire EGNOS coverage zone.

The objective is to build the capacity of the aviation authorities and aerodromes as well as aviation operators and pilots.

  • For aviation authorities in countries where the EGNOS procedure implementation is not yet a reality, escpecially in Balkan countries currently outside the EU but within the EGNOS coverage zone, EGNOS workshops are organised and all elements are prepared for a first procedure implementation.
  • For Eastern European countries where the aviation authoritie have announced accelerated EGNOS implementation in the 2015-2017 timeframe such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, the focus is on outreach and awareness raising activities on EGNOS benefits for VFR pilots and the aviation community as the correct use of European Satellite Navigation is  extremely important. VFR pilots can use GNSS as advisory mean of navigation during some critical parts of the flight.
  • For IFR pilots, the requirements and guidelines for IFR pilot training to include flying RNP operations are updated to include the use of LPV procedures and en-route RNP. The focus is on the correct use of RNP for updated IFR pilot training, as well as national road maps to provide upgrade training to the existing IFR pilot community, proposing to change current curricula of IFR training.