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F AIR is professional pilot training centre and local dealer in CZ, SK and PL for TECNAM Aircraft with certified Maintenance centre. We provide all types of training from ZERO to professional airline pilot license. Come and fly with F AIR...



  • The F AIR company was founded in 1990.
  • In early 90s it has become the first private flight school not only in Czech Republic but in Central and Eastern Europe as well. In 2000 F AIR maintained its leading position by being the first to meet European JAR-FCL-1 requirements and became the international flight school CZ/FTO-001. Since 2014 our flight school is certified according to Part-FCL as CZ/ATO-001.
  • F AIR Pilot Training Center uses state of the art methodology and pilot training programs. It trains Czech and foreign pilots by the same European standards, providing them with the same career opportunities in both Czech and abroad.
  • The Flight School provides training from ultralights to professional pilots of airliners and helicopters.
    • Private Pilot License (PPL(A) – Aeroplanes, PPL(H) – Helicopters)
    • Light Aircraft Pilot License LAPL(A)
    • Ultralight Aircraft Pilot License ULL(A)
    • Commercial Pilot License CPL(A)
    • Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL(A) (Integrated course, Modular course)
    • Multi Pilot License MPL(A)
    • All Ratings: Instrument Rating, En-route instrument rating, Multi-Engine, Flight Instructor, NIGHT, Multi Crew Cooperation, Type Ratings, …
    • Aviation theory
    • Aviation English – ICAO
  • Today F AIR Pilot Training Center belongs to the leading flight schools in Europe. It has long-time experience with private and especially professional pilots training. It has very experienced instructors, many of them are airline pilots themselves.
  • With over 11.000 hours flown annually, F AIR is currently one of the biggest flight school in Europe (F AIR’s total flight time makes over 195.000 hours).
  • Its unique background, including own accommodation facilities and food service, provides excellent conditions not only for students in training but also for pilots who hire aircraft.
  • F AIR fleet consists of more than 40 modern aircraft.
  • The school owns a new generation flight simulator FNPT II from Mechtronix Systems Inc. manufacturer, which is an exact copy of a turbopropeller Beechcraft King Air B200, convertible to Piper PA 34 Seneca V.
  • The base of the company is situated directly at Benesov Airport (LKBE) with three other branches – Brno (LKTB), Prague Letnany (LKLT) and Pribram (LKPM).


  • F AIR is authorized maintenance center certified by EASA Part-M for Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM, Cessna Aircraft Company, Piper Aircraft Inc., Cirrus Aircraft and Socata types.


  • Since 1995, F AIR is an authorized dealer of Italian Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM aircraft for CZ, SK, PL. It is also the official dealer of TECNAM spare parts.



  • F AIR also provides other aviation services including aircraft rental, aerial advertising, banner towing, aerial photography, organizing of air competitions and other events.
  • The company participates in charitable activities, providing pilot training of talented young people in social deprivation and organizing entertainment and educational events for handicapped.