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Winter training session at Aeroclub Barcelona Sabadell

On April 21, a winter training was organised as part of the ATPL(A) curriculum. The students of the ATO E-037 participated enthousiastically, a strong focus was put on IFR use of EGNOS. 

The next day, April 22, an open training was organised in Spanish. Most participants were PPL(A) and PPL(H) pilots, often without IR rating, and so the focus of this session was on VFR navigation and portable devices. 

Both 3-hour training sessions had foreseen about 1,5hrs for introduction, material distribution and the lecture/presentation. The programme looked like this:

1. What is GNSS? Explanation of the different satellite navigation systems: Galileo, Navstar, Glonass, etc

2. What is SBAS? Explanation of the satellite based augmentation system and the different systems.

3. What is EGNOS? Explanation of the European SBAS system: advantages and benefits for aviation.

4. GNSS SBAS and General aviation Explanation of the benefits of GNSS and SBAS systems to general aviation.

6. Aviation navigation History. PBN GNSS IFR approaches. Explanation of the different kinds of GNSS approaches.

7. GNSS EGNOS and VFR navigation. Explanation of the benefits and risks when using GNSS/EGNOS in VFR

8. PBN and IR according to FCL

The last 1,5hrs was foreseen for questions and answers. It has been quite encouraging to see the number and the quality of the questions asked. Especially in the first sessions (with many pilots holding an IR rating), the technical knowledge on GNSS was impressive. The participant for this first event were very impressed with the capabilities of the precision of vertical guidance in GNSS approaches. This event hosted 42 participants most of them ATPL (A) integrated and modular, some PPL (A) and flights instructors of the ATO as well.

The second training session was, as explained, more focused on VFR. A member of the Aeroclub who is a CPL with IR rated and is a Computer Engineer helped Mr. Badia, the session trainer, in showing the attendees the different apps that can be used with a tablet such as NavigationPro, Garmin and Jeppesen app. This event hosted 54 participants.

The CaBilAvi brochure 'EGNSS based instrument approach operations guiding aircraft to the airport' has been distributed to the 96 participants. A questionnaire at the start and the end of the training session showed a substantial improvement of the pilots GNSS knowledge.