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"Use of GNSS in aviation" videos reach 130.000+ viewers

Starting in March 2017, the project created a series of free tutorial videos explaining the correct use of GNSS. It engagingly presents the utilisation of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) in aviation and shows its benefits for GA pilots conducting both VFR and IFR flights. However, pilots should also be aware of the limitations of different GNSS systems in order not to compromise safety by over relying on modern technology.  The 1st episode “Satellite navigation and EGNOS”, for example presents the general description of GNSS and EGNOS systems. It focuses on the utilisation of these systems in transportation, mainly in aviation, and compares them to conventional radionavigation aids. The benefits for the users – pilots are explained.

The first 10 episodes cover different topics of the use of GNSS and EGNOS for VFR pilots and trainers, while the last 10 episodes cover different subjets relevant to IFR pilots. All videos can be found on YouTube and Facebook.