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Technology for safety - a keynote speech of third day at AERO

On the 3rd day of the AERO Friedrichshafen (April 7), the coffee-rence covered GNSS benefits and status for GA, as well as an very interesting intervention by the Zilina University. They shared their observation with regards to the impact of using GNSS during VFR flights with young, inexperienced pilots as well as older, experienced pilots. 


The main observation is that the younger pilots tend to over-rely on their GNSS navigation aid, hardly taking their eyes off the screen while they ought to be looking out for situational awareness, and feeling - literally - lost in case the tablet powered off. The older pilots, on the other hand, kept very good attention to the traffic around them, but struggled to find their way around the electronic navigation devices, for example when needing to modify the flight plan. The conclusion and recommendation of the tests is that it is absolutely necessary for each pilot to get familiar with the functionalities of your electronic navigation device prior to take-off, and that training to ensure proper use is highly recommended. For all presentations, please click here


Todays key-note speech was delivered by EASA head for General Aviation Dominique Roland. Mr Roland highlighted the importance the EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky is giving to General Aviation, and gave an overview of the initiatives taken at EASA to stimulate GA. A guiding principle is 'simpler, lighter and better rules for General Aviation', in order to assure a sustainable development of the sector in Europe. Key conditions to achieve this is cooperation by all involved stakeholders - for example, the glider community writing their own "Air operations and licence - Gliders rule book". EASA is also launching an initiative to embrace new technology to improve safety in the form a Task Force for new technologies called "T4S" - short for Technology for Safety. The T4S task force will be chaired by an EASA GA pilot, and look into the options for introducing new technologies to increase safety, like e.g. auto-flight systems, in-flight weather communication systems and terrain awareness systems. During the Q&A, a lively interaction between Mr. Roland and the audience developed, discussing topics ranging from ADS-B implementation to drone air space and the de-commissioning of conventional navigation aids such as VOR. The EASA presentation can be found here


Tomorrow, during the last day of AERO Friedrichshafen, a round table discussion will take place at the Foyer Ost (East) theatre at 11am.