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Specific objective 4: awareness and promotion closed off with a bang

Aviation awareness and project dissemination is the final pillar of the project, as specified in SO4 and formalised into WP19. Customized capacity building for pilots and emerging EGNOS countries has been implemented through the creation of several awareness and promotion “Products”, aimed at different client segments:

  • Consolidating and structuring expertise and knowledge in easily accessible formats and channels, often in local languages
  • Customizing trainings for different audiences

These products have been made available to the target audience at well selected “Places”: the awareness and promotion channels activated include a smart mix of using internet channels as well as physical delivery at classroom trainings and workshops or industry events.

In order to maximise visibility, a continued “Promotion” effort was conceived and implemented for each product/place combination:

  • The Expertise and knowledge delivery through the internet:
    • The interactive portal for information sharing and expert cooperation
    • The info pack e-publishing
    • Social media: project Facebook page, YouTube channel, LinkedIn postings
  • The expertise and knowledge material delivered in the physical world:
    • Production of dissemination and promotion material, mostly in local languages, such as info packs, winter trainings manuals and brochures
    • Participation in industry events (Aero) and expert fora (RAISG)
    • Organisation of operator breakfasts to highlight the benefits of EGNOS
  • Customized trainings via the internet:
    • The state-of-the-art e-learning module of the portal
  • Customised training via physical medium:
    • Classroom winter trainings
    • Working with relevant authorities towards updates in the pilot syllabi to include RNP operations
    • Workshops with Balkan authorities to accelerate EGNOS adoption

In terms of results, CaBilAvi is proud to conclude that not only activities as indicated in the original proposal have been successfully executed, but also the new activities such as the organisation of winter trainings, video tutorials and operator breakfasts. Most importantly, the feedback by the target audience has been unanimously positive.