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Second workshop of the CaBilAvi project

On Monday the 18th of May, second workshop focused on the pilot’s training curriculum modification regarding the GNSS training addition and extension of the European CaBilAvi project was held. Given the positive experience from pleasant venue of the first workshop, the choice for the second one was the same - Czech Aviation Training Centre premises at the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague. Also, most of the participants/experts from the previous event were invited, to ensure continuity of knowledge and opinions.

The objective of the workshop was to structure the GNSS knowledge into the particular parts of a pilot training and also to set principles, on which the training should be built. This was ensured by using transformed Pains and Gains from the first workshop into challenges. The participants tried to find solutions for each challenge with the support of moderators and method of Fast Idea Generation, where every single idea is important. All of them were recorded for a further processing, which outputs will be inputs for the project partners and their own work packages.