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Round table discussion involving all aviation stakeholders

A very busy day at AERO2017 - Saturday is typically family day, but also a day where many aviation ethousiasts who cannot make it during the week show up. One such aviation enthousiast showing genuine interest in the evolution of GNSS usage for both general and commercial aviation is the Belgian federal minister for Mobility Mr. Bellot, who discussed with CaBilAvi representatives and walked away with an information brochure and the message that education videos are posted on the GNSS Centre of Excellence Facebook page and YouTube Channel.


At 11 am, CaBilAvi animated an information round table discussion at the East Foyer, the largest presentation theatre at the airshow. Prior to the round table discussion, the huge theatre screen was used to project the 4 GNSS in VFR education video's posted to date on the CaBilAvi YouTube Channel. New eposides are posted each Tuesday, and the 4 episodes already posted got their largest screening audience here at the 25th anniversary AERO Frierdichshafen GA airshow. 

To set the stage of the round table discussion, a couple of acronyms were explained as the multitude of 'code language' tends to overcomplicate matters. Then, each angle was highlighted -

  • what are the benefits for pilots
  • what is recommended for ATO's to prepare for updates in the pilot training
  • how do you certify an aircraft when an SBAS receiver is installed
  • can an aerodrome attract more traffic with an LPV procedure

After the generic information, sufficient time was given for a Question & Answer moment with the audience. The immediate observation is that there is a large discrepancy in knowledge within the general audience: while some people struggle with the  difference between GNSS and GPS, others have very specific questions, for example about 1 line of EASA regulation. It can be concluded that much more education and training needs to be provided to ensure a massive adoption of the correct use of GNSS based navigation aids in the aviation community, but at least the audience participating today takes home an abundace of high quality information. Thanks to all the round table participants for willing to share their knowledge and insights with us!