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Procedure writing workshop in Montenegro

Hosted by the Montenegro CAA, an interactive workshop was organised on Sept 30 to build the capacity of Balkan stakeholders in the design of procedures including the European Satellite Navigation Augmentation solution EGNOS.

The workshop was set up as a higly interactive exchange of expertise and best practices. During the afternoon session interesting discussions took place related to the designs going on in the four national scenarios. The active participants represented ANSPs and CAAs from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, FYR Macedonia and Montenegro. 
It is very likely that the project will end up with the full design of two LP procedures (SBAS NPA). The Balkan region topology is very complicated where the airports are surrounded by high mountains, limiting the use of 'pure' LPV implementations. The participants indicated however that the CaBilAvi project is great opportunity for mutual cooperation of the ANSPs and CAA of the region (i.e. part of the LPV of Skopje overflows Serbian airspace).
The organising experts from Pildo Labs, building on a long experience in assisting ANSPs and CAAs with the implementation of EGNOS, expressed a very positive feeling with the design they are doing in Montenegro and Bosnia.