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Presentation at MMIG46 Technological Congress

On Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of September, GNSS Center of Excellence participated on MMIG46’s Technological Congress in Kassel, Germany. Tomáš Duša made his speech in a joint presentation of the GSA agency and GCE, promoting benefits of EGNOS and Galileo systems in aviation, introducing activities of GSA agency, grant scheme of H2020 and EGNOS Adoption in Aviation. The presentation was concluded with specific examples, data outputs and practical benefits of ongoing projects such as CaBilAvi and EGNOS Adoption CZ, successfully implemented by GCE.

The presentation was followed by an open discussion covering topics such as questions regarding the use of GNSS in general aviation, pilot training and implementation of LPV approaches for small airports. Participants showed a substantial interest in the matter of GNSS usage, but also pointed out the necessity of implementing larger amount of LPV approach procedures. MMIG46 is an interest group of owners and operators of Malibu / Mirage aircraft (Piper PA 46), which was founded in 1999 as a European response to similar organization MMOPA operating in the United States.