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Next training session on GNSS

Similar winter training type education session dedicated to the subject “GNSS and its influence on safety of general aviation” as part of the CaBilAvi project is planned for this month also in the Czech Republic. With cooperation of the Czech Aeroclub and GNSS Centre of Excellence were announced three nation-wide campaigns (18. 2. Zbraslavice Airport, 19. 2. Czech Aeroclub in Prague, 25. 2. Brno). The content of the training will be similarly to the Slovakian training based on text book and brochures issued within the framework of work package WP18 (GNSS for General Aviation Pilots) and individual experiences of the key-note speakers. Participants will be introduced to the topic on raising awareness about the use of GNSS systems in general aviation and related legislation. Besides the presentation regarding the use of GNSS systems, the speakers will present their experience gained throughout the implementation of PBN in VFR and IFR training and modern avionic devices. The anticipated participation is 160 persons, mainly representatives of (flight instructors) local aeroclubs. Participants will subsequently penetrate their gained knowledge about GNSS to all members of regional aeroclubs for whom participation at such winter trainings is strictly mandatory.

In addition to Czech and Slovakia, the same Winter Training will also take place in Aeroclub Barcelona de Sabadell this March.

The education GNSS text book developed under the WP18 can be downloaded here. However this first issue is in Slovak language. English language will be issued in few weeks. Please stay tuned for its very first download.