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Next milestone reached

Already a 5th periodic meeting of the CaBilAvi project team took place in Prague at the premises of GNSS Centre of Excellence on Friday 31st of March. This meeting’s content was mainly focused on summarizing of current progress in the deliverables of each project partner and establishing a schedule for the upcoming final 6 months’ period of the project. Representatives of each project partner presented the results of their submitted WP deliverables and their plan for the last project period until September 2017, complemented by comments from present Project Reviewer Mr. Mike Jupp and Project Officer Mr. Daniel Lopour.

A significant part of the meeting was dedicated to the results of past and upcoming progress in organized Winter Trainings, change of pilot training syllabus with incorporation of part devoted to GNSS and to an introduction of the recently launched YouTube education video series for VFR and IFR pilots (visit dedicated YouTube channel) and its dissemination within European countries which is under the responsibility of project partner AMAZEN. Besides that, two new colleagues from Poland, representing were warmly welcomed.

All issues that have arisen from submitted work were consulted between partners and all partners were strongly reminded to keep submitting their deliverables according to the deadline, as it created an important issue affecting a shift forward in other activities.