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Grants for EGNOS implementation - learn all about it...

The GSA is launching an initiative to award a number of grants to foster EGNOS operational implementation for regional aviation, commercial aviation, business (corporate) aviation, general aviation (training, emergency services) and rotorcraft with a final aim to maximise public benefits, increase and foster a network effect on current and future development of EGNOS enabled operations. The number of the grants to be finally awarded shall be subject to the quality of proposals received and to budget availability.

In order to reach the objectives of this call, beneficiaries are expected to conduct activities in the following areas:

  1. Fostering the design, development and operational implementation of EGNOS based operations, including approach procedures at different European aerodromes and EGNOS based routes includ- ing LPV 200;

  2. Developing and installing of GPS/EGNOS enabled avionics and granting of airworthiness certifica- tion for RNP APCH procedures down to LPV minima and Point In Space (PinS);

  3. Achieving the approval of Air Operator Certificates for LPV operations of aircraft already equipped with SBAS capabilities;

  4. Developing of enablers to accelerate EGNOS adoption and preparation for future capabilities use of EGNOS for navigation, surveillance and communication. Technical Proposal covering the activities to be supported through the grant, allocation of resources and estimated budget. This document should define the scope of the work, the proposed approach and explain how the specific objectives and operational requirements set in this Call for proposal will be addressed 

All information will be explained during a webinar. 

The webinar of the “Second EGNOS Adoption Aviation Call for Proposals” is taking place on Wednesday 22nd July, 16:00-17:00 CEST. Please, register your participation here.