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GNSS education video series go english

Based on the Czech spoken YouTube channel, that engagingly presents the utilisation of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) in aviation and shows its benefits for general aviation pilots conducting both VFR and IFR flights as well as for general public with interest in new technologies such as GNSS (for more information about the video series, please see article), was launched an English adaptation of the channel with the same episodes dubbed into English. These are aimed to non-Czech speaking users, making videos and information more accessible to broader audience.

English spoken videos are published in a weekly interval, every Tuesday with the very first episode launched on March 14th, 2017. Simultaneously with the launch of new videos, our partners were asked to publish and promote these videos throughout their available communication channels such as Facebook and websites. Behind the process of launching these educational series stand numerous hours of hard work of our project partners, namely F-Air, DSA, Czech Technical University and University of Zilina, and many other external supporting partners such as Aeroclub of Czech Republic and last but not least the production company.


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First episode in English language can be seen here: