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First Review Meeting took place in Žilina

The meeting was organized by the GCE and UNIZA and held in premises of the latter. We would like to express our thanks for their excelent host role. The entire seven hours of programme were packed with information related to project content such as results of the GCE’s work package two, and status of GCE’s work package three, PILDO’s WP10, WP11, WP12 and AMEZEN’s WP19 and project management requirements i.e. submitting deliverables, financial reporting, new document management system as well as general management of the project . Equally important was a reminding to all partners who began work on WPs in May this year, to keep an eye on project management.

One of the interesting points of the program was the presentation of the second call of GSA’s grant EGNOS adoption in Aviation , which is focused on operators of airports, aircraft and flight schools as it provides 60% funding for expanding the use of EGNOS.