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E-learning application now LIVE

IFR course is providing an explanation of Learning Objectives identified by the CaBilAvi project consortium as relevant and important for PBN flying and missing in required theoretical knowledge of Pilots. The proposed Learning Objectives are intended for every Instrument Rated pilot and beyond. IFR course is structured according to valid NPAs. It consists of 170 new proposed Learning Objectives divided into 65 chapters and 8 lessons.

VFR course is structured in accordance with the proposed changes and additions to the PPL(A), PPL(H) and LAPL theoretical knowledge syllabi, namely AMC1 to FCL.210 AND FCL.215. It takes every proposed item, which is to be added into the syllabus, and provides basic explanatory information to it, while it aims to be brief, clear and straight to the point. It consists of the 27 new proposed items divided into 10 chapters and 5 lessons.

All users of the e-learning application can verify their knowledge through a test consisting of 20 questions. They can also download the content of chapters, view the educational videos, which are relevant to the chapter or to export the data. In the “additional material” section of the application, all 20 educational videos are available for view and for download as well as the IFR and VFR textbook and shorter version of learning material intended for winter training of general aviation pilots, prepared within the CabilAvi project. 

E-learning application is available on the website