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Balkan aviation stakeholders want to start using EGNOS

After workshops about procedure design and safety case construction led by CaBilAvi partner Pildo Labs, the Balkan states authorities are convinced of the benefits EGNOS can bring and want to implement approach procedures for some of the very challenging environments of their airports. The proposed scope (to be validated) is to proceed as far as possible towards operational implementation at 3 locations:



Mostar Airport

Tivat Airport

Nis Airport

Design tasks 


1 holding

LPV approach(*)

1 RNP-1 transition

LP approach(*)

Full PBN approach (LNAV, LNAV/VNAV and LPV(*))

RNP-1 STAR (designed by SMATSA)

Ground Validation 

Full ground validation

Full ground validation


Full ground validation

Support to the Authorities

Support to BHANSA towards the publication process


Support to BHANSA during the calibration flights

Support to MCAA for Flight Validation Campaign, if any

Support to SMATSA towards the publication

(*) Procedures already considered in the current scope of the Project.