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Ariane 5 rolls out to the Spaceport’s Final Assembly Building in preparation for its November 17 liftoff

The heavy-lift workhorse rolled out on Oct 26 2016 from the Launcher Integration Building – where its core cryogenic stage, two solid boosters and upper stage were mated by production prime contractor Airbus Safran Launchers – to the Final Assembly Building, marking the formal handover to Arianespace. Now under Arianespace’s responsibility, the launcher – an Ariane 5 ES version – is set for integration of its payload: four global positioning satellites for Europe’s Galileo navigation system.

An Ariane 5 launch for Europe

The upcoming Ariane 5 launch, designated Flight VA233 in Arianespace’s numbering system, is set for a morning departure from the Spaceport on November 17 at an exact liftoff time of 10:06:48 a.m. in French Guiana. Weighing between 715 kg. and 717 kg. each, the quartet of European Galileo satellites will have a combined liftoff mass of 2,865 kg., and they will be deployed by Ariane 5 into circular orbit during a mission lasting just under four hours. The Galileo satellites were built by OHB System in Bremen, Germany, with their navigation payloads provided by Surrey Satellite Technology in the United Kingdom. More information about the 4 Galileo satellites here. 

source: ESA website