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European aviation decision makers learn about CaBilAvi

During the 12th RNAV Approach Implementation Support Group meeting, CaBilAvi was presented to a large majority of the European aviation authorities. The presentation focused on the pilot skills enhancing work done in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and Spain. The Prague base GNSS Centre of Excellence, coordinator of the project, gave an extensive overview of the work done to build up the capacity of pilots through the creation of education material (info packs, education video series on Facebook page and YouTube) and their related digital media presence. Winter trainings were organised and operator breakfasts are planned at selected airfields.

The second part of the presentation, given by Barcelona based Pildo Labs, explained the challenges of designing procedures in the Balkans. At 3 selected airfields - Nis in Serbia, Tivat in Montenegro and Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina - the geographical environment is such that off-set procedures are needed. The implications on the procedure design are quite important, and the 25-odd participating procedure designers were invited to give their view on the possible alternative solutions. 

The possibility to present the project to this selected group has been important in both raising the visibility of the work done, the dissemination of the material in the rest of Europe, and gathering technical feedback on the design of procedures in (very) challenging environments.  

Other presentations delivered during the meeting showed an holistic overview of the current status of EGNOS procedure implementation, equipage levels, specific national implementations, as well as the EGNOS service level and planning. For example, 23 out of the 25 major European airports have at least 1 APV procedure (published or planned), while 70% of all airports have some sort of vertical guidance procedure. 

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) announced that 6 million euros have been earmarked for a 3rd call 'Acceleration of EGNOS adoption' co-funding equipping aircraft and publishing procedures programme. The exact terms and conditions to submit a proposal will be published in October, with an expected 60% maximum co-funding.   

With regards to the EGNOS service provision, the ESSP announced that 2016 has been by far the best service provision year to date, largely due to the roll out of the current EGNOS version 2.4m. The next EGNOS service provision workshop will take place in Athens on October 3-4. 

The European Regional Airlines Association published an article on the benefits of EGNOS in their March-April issue. Pages 32-33 explain in very clear terms where and how EGNOS is particularly beneficial for regional ailines.