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Airport Breakfast – Katowice

On June 8th at 10:00 am, at the II floor, at the Viewing Terrace of the International Katowice Airport located in Pyrzowice, the Airport Breakfast meeting will be held. The meeting will focus on dissemination and awareness increase of on aviation activities utilising satellite navigation.

During the meeting such issues will be presented as the LPV implementation history at Katowice Airport, with the resulting benefits, information on financial instruments and activities needing the support of such procedure. Local experienced users will also share their comments. The discussion will include experts from the European GNSS Agency, International Katowice Airport located in Pyrzowice, Polish Air Navigation Services Agency representatives, pilots and instructors.


  • Marta Krywanis – Market Innovation Officer in the European GNSS Agency
  • Tomasz Woźniak – Director of the GNSS Department at the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PAŻP)
  • Piotr Cześnik – Main specialist for Instrumental Flight Procedures – Validator, acting Head of the Department of Procedure Design and Aircraft Obstacle Analysis, PAŻP
  • Paweł Wojda – Director of the Katowice International Airport located in Pyrzowice

For more details and materials find a dedicated website of the event here: